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Pec pod Sněžkou 164, 542 21 Pec pod Sněžkou 

Where are Krkonoše the most beautiful?

          In the Eastern part of Krkonose Pec pod Sněžkou is the most important and the largest tourist and skiing center. It sits in the valley of the river Upa under the highest mountain Snezka (1602 m). A cabin lift from the northern section of town will take you all the way up onto the Pink Mountain (jestli se jedna o ruzovou barvu) nebo Rose mountain (jestli se jedna o ruze), to ja nevim, ze se Snezce rikalo jeste i jinak. This tallest Czech mounatin attracts travellers for over a hundred years. Her name is derived from the word snow: Sněžka. She is a snowy lady for her top is almost always covered with snow.




          Countless tourist paths will lead you into the beautiful  landscape with many breathtaking views into the long deep valleys and onto the majestic and massive hilltops of the tallest Czech mountains.

          Besides the hiking Pec pod Sněžkou offers many diverse bike paths of different difficulty levels including the sloped path for the extreme sports lovers. The lift can take you onto the top of Hnědý vrch where the watch tower offers an unforgettable panoramic view.




          RELAXPARK invites children as well as adults. Choose from the newly opened bob sledding path, the giant slide,  jump on the trampoline, and the lifts, of course!

          Still not sure where Krkonose are most beautiful....? Try us. We shall be more than happy to welcome you.